Common challenges facing contractors – Financial, accounting and others… Part 2

4. Payment issues – this is a serious concern for contractors. Being involved in a payment chain means that there could be delays in your payment. An Agency or Umbrella can delay a payment to you if the client delays paying them (some clients have a long lead time contractually before they pay). It’s important to discuss with whoever you are working through and ensure you are paid without delay.

5. Impact on family/home life – prepare yourself for long hours, weekend work sometimes etc. You may also have to work away from home for extended periods. This will have an impact on home-life – partners, children, pets but in the pursuits of the right contract at the right rate you may end up having to do this.

6. Mortgage woes – If you are the contractor you will know it isn’t easy to get a mortgage – the banks invariably want 3 years worth of company accounts etc if you have a limited company. You are also in a different bracket for evaluation when you are a company director than if are a salaried employee. Being part of PAYE Umbrella service will make this process easier and may make it easier to get a mortgage but when dealing with the banks they want a ‘sure cert’ paid pensionable salaried application so if you can get your mortgage before you go contacting make sure you do!

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