Accounting Pro Site Features

Updates and Changes to the Website

In the last month, the Accounting Pro (Irl) website has undergone several subtle changes. This is meant to improve our clients experience and interactions with Accounting Pro. Once these changes have been completed and finalised, these improvements will be mirrored on the Accounting Pro (UK) site.

Browser Notifications

One noticeable change is the in-browser update feature. Users can choose to receive notifications from Accounting Pro, directing them to the site, when a change has been made to the site or our services. Users also have the option to unsubscribe if they wish.

Accounting Pro Live Chat

It was decided that a live chat feature would be a useful tool to interact with clients and leads. Like the notifications feature, it was as simple as downloading and configuring a WordPress plugin.

Irish Tech News Podcast

WordPress allows for considerable extension of each site to expand on offerings to Clients. It could also serve as a means of marketing to clients and leads. It could also serve as a means of marketing to Clients, both existing and potential Clients.

Timesheets and Expense Uploads

A new feature allows clients to upload their weekly timesheets and expenses.

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