By Damien Hunter – Accounting Pro

I’m not writing to share knowledge, but some experience and even less wisdom. I obtained my Honours Degree in Software Engineering many years ago and upon setting foot into the real world, work was difficult to find. I did what I could, starting from the absolute bottom, offering what knowledge I did have to do odd jobs for friends and family, eventually landing a role in IT Repairs and Sales. Like building a house, I used what I learned to build on my experience in the industry, working my way from a small beginning all the way to working with companies such as Yahoo, IBM and HP, even if they were contract roles.

I’ll never invalidate the experience I gained through any means necessary to get me where I wound up and I certainly won’t invalidate the experiences of other in relation to their ongoing path through life. I do think that working hard from the bottom gave me perspective on persistence.

When I finished up in HP, I found it difficult to gain another role in IT. I tried and tried and tried, but maybe not hard enough. In the free time I did have, it allowed me to think and evaluate my life. I will always love IT and Computer Hardware as my first passion, but I also have an interest in Finance, Accounting and Taxation, especially with a focus on the Farming Industry. I suppose if I were to work in Accountancy, assisting Farmers, it may feed into my love of Farm Machinery, including the Massey Ferguson and other Vintage Equipment. I took on a course in Accounting and Business designed by the CPA Ireland. I also decided to up skill with evening courses in Payroll.

And, as the title suggests, I persisted and persisted and in time my persistence paid off. I’m now working with Accounting Pro as an Accounts Executive. It’s a great place to work and it is dynamic and fast paced. It trusts you to back yourself and to take on responsibility. It is going places in terms of national and international growth and has opened an office in London with plans to move to Europe in 2018. My persistence paid off and has allowed me to do and learn so much in the last month, something I will continue to do in the coming months and years.

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