Are you entitled to a tax refund?

With Christmas on the way, many may see a dwindling bank balance during the month of December. With bills on the rise and the cost of Christmas itself, it can all become quite expensive, taking some time to catch up during the New Year. Many fail to realize, they can claim a tax refund for the last four calendar years. It’s as simple as registering on as a PAYE worker.

Those registered for MyAccount can file and or amend Form 12’s for the previous four years to include relevant tax reliefs unclaimed, such as flat rate expenses, medical and dentist reliefs and nursing home reliefs.

One of the many factors preventing many from claiming a refund these days is the system Revenue now has in place, which can be somewhat confusing. Another factor is many peoples simple lack of awareness around their entitlements and the refund system currently in place.

Accounting Pro aims to remove any confusion surrounding reclaims and creating awareness for PAYE workers regarding their entitlements, even assisting clients along the way.

About the author: Kevin Deasy