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Accounting Pro Changes

Accounting Pro Changes

We have been going through a great deal of change in Accounting Pro Ireland since we started trading in 2017. With the increased number of clients we are working with we need to make our IT work more efficiently for our needs and most importantly for theirs. To that end, we have enhanced our website as part of our continuing efforts to make sure that it meets existing and prospective client’s needs. Here is a list of enhancements we have made so far:

We have added a FORMS page so that new joiners can quickly and easily access and download our sign-up form(s) for our PAYE Umbrella and Personal Limited Company services.

We have added further information to our GUIDES page so that clients can learn more about the difference between a PAYE Umbrella and a Personal Limited company and the Pros and Cons of each. We have also added information with respect to what we can do for Start-Ups and SMEs.

We have added a TAX CALCULATORS page to allow contractors to get an indication of their retention rate if they use a Personal Limited company.

We have revamped the NEWS page and now all the articles are grouped in related sections.

Finally, we have added a PORTAL page. Through this enhancement clients will be able to log into an Accounting Pro system which will allow them to process all their accounting related business in 1 place. This will be LIVE soon and details will follow shortly.

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