Keeping Your Core Skills Sharp While Running a Company

I love creating and running customer focused enterprises that provide complete solutions to markets with significant gaps. From starting out and putting in place the ‘what’ (as in what you do) and the ‘how’ (as in how your business functions) it is an exciting, challenging and rewarding process. Of course, there are problems and difficulties that pop up on a regular basis however you just must meet these head on and deal with them as best you can. That’s where they ‘why’ (as in why do you do what you do) comes into the equation. Why did Accounting Pro came into existence? To create a platform for contractors to deal with their payroll needs while always putting them first and giving them a greater sense of control in the process. We are a major disruption in the market and the success of this approach is reflected in the large volume of contractors who have joined us.

However, before I became a business owner I spent many years as a contractor in the IT Program management space. This was across Hedge Funds, Investment Banking and global IT companies. Fast paced with complex and difficult problems to deal with, I enjoyed putting together technical teams and working with operations directors to provide innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. From forming, to storming, to performing I enjoyed the process of creating new systems and re-engineering IT solutions from the inception of projects to their ultimate completion. There was always a great deal of satisfaction in producing a deliverable that made a real and lasting impact on people’s working lives.

Because of this I was delighted to keep these IT program management skills up to date by assisting with the creation and bringing to market of an amazing and innovative compliance centric application called Playback. Playback is designed to offer a solution to the requirements emanating from the Mifid II compliance directive for mobile call recording in financial sales which came into effect as a pan European rule in January 2018. It is easy to use and is implemented and production ready in an organisation in less than 24 hours. It is supported by advanced data analytics that are very easy for the client to use. But not only can this technology by used for mobiles – it can be used for landlines and can allow for companies to review call quality, quickly garner written transcripts of calls and can integrate with CRMs so that key information can be stored in a clean manner. Its power can be managed from a mobile handset of via a desktop dashboard. It’s now in place with investment banks and hedge funds in the UK and Europe and is gaining further traction farther afield. For more information please review or get in contact to learn more.

Accounting Pro is Ireland’s premier contractor accounting service.  We are here to help you, the busy contractor and/or company, with all your accounting and payroll needs. We are both an umbrella company and umbrella corporation and we can create your limited company. We are on your side, always. To learn more about what we do please review  and contact us by email: or phone us 01 6933370. For the UK see Accounting-Pro UK. “Keeping Your Core Skills Sharp While Running a Company” is an article written by Accounting-Pro Ireland for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to share it but please give attribution on a CC BY-SA license.