The Application Of Technology To Accounting In SMEs & Start-Ups

Accounting Pro can help small businesses and start up companies to utilize their capital in smarter, more efficient ways. In many cases this technology is an improvement on already existing systems or processes that were previously installed. It may also be necessary to make some additional adjustments to obtain maximum benefits from these new tech-friendly alternatives. In general, the benefits will outweigh any short-lived challenges in the transitional process once the new systems are in place.

An accounting system consists of a collection of processes, procedures and controls designed to collect, record, classify, and summarize financial data for interpretation and managerial decision making. Up until the 1980’s, accounting was done manually with spread sheets. However, spread sheets do not provide a scalable solution for accounting purposes and are an unreliable solution for investment. Our computerized accounting processes eliminate many of the mundane, time consuming tasks of manual accounting.

As your company grows, the amount of accounting necessary not only increases, but also becomes more complex. However, with Accounting Pro, everything is kept at a practical, understandable level, that avoids wasting valuable time shifting through piles of complex papers and documents. Our systems are designed to be accurate to the minutest detail. They can also become easily available to selected co-workers or customers outside the office guarded by the latest security measures.

Once a company’s data is received by Accounting Pro, it is entered into a computer accounting system, so and all calculations, including additions and subtractions are done automatically. The entire process of preparing accounts becomes faster. In addition, statements and reports can be generated instantly by the click of a button. Managers will not have to wait hours, or even days to find a crucial document. The adoption of this more efficient process replaces out dated paper-based methods to saves time and increases profits.

At Accounting Pro, technology drives innovation. Today, even farmers are joining the digital revolution to increase the speed of their production records, financial planning, procurements, and technical research issues. Indeed, the first thing startups in any industry should consider is how to make practical information technology (IT) choices. A decision to utilize the proper IT applications can lead to improved data storage, faster processing, and wider information distribution, all of which enhance the quality, value, and productivity of your business.

Small businesses that have embraced Accounting Pro’s innovation paradigm have accurate planning results, more effective marketing and management systems, higher global sales, real time monitoring, and instant customer support. Our cutting-edge IT provides us with the tools to solve complex technical problems. We also possess larger hardware memory, faster processors, and sharper visual displays, making it easier to research and analyze input data. The transfer of this technology enables our customers to make better decisions.

Teams of experienced technology experts at Accounting Pro are engaged to perform solid market research utilizing online surveys, public sentiment platforms, video conferences, social media, and industry forums to obtain customer feedback. Support from multiple channels of communication including smart phones, emails, and texting, have assisted our management to better understand customer behavior. Finally, our cloud computer system allows our experts to use any device, anywhere in the world to access your accounting issues.

Accounting Pro is now the leading company in Ireland with regard to the application of technology to accounting. As part of its rapid expansion, it has also acquired business assets, customers, and connections in the UK and the US. Our accounting processes can be customized to match your small business requirements. In addition to saving valuable time, you can minimize the enormous stacks of paper files and replace rows of document filing cabinets. Give us a call; there are no prohibitive up-front costs, or restrictive long-term contracts.

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