A Sensory Garden for Children with Autism

Every year I participate in the Great Limerick run. In the last few years I have run for a Homeless cause and Limerick Against Pollution. Although these causes were very worthy causes, this year I want to try and raise funds for another exceptional cause which is important to me on a personal level. For this year’s Great Limerick Run I plan to enter the 10k and raise funds for a

sensory garden for children in my sister’s primary school. You see, although I am proud of my business achievements I am in awe of the contribution my siblings and parents have made in the medical and educational areas. My mother was a pioneer in the field of special education.  My brother is an occupational therapist working to rehabilitate those who have suffered from strokes and my sister is a teacher specialising in the area of educating children with autism. It is the latter that I am running for.

While in England, having completed Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in German,  she had the chance to go the City and earn lots of money but instead she returned to Ireland, did further study in the area of Primary School Educ

ation and has devoted herself to teaching and latterly working with children with autism. She has done further study in the area of the education of children with special needs and  also has a particular interest in reducing the anxiety levels of all children in her primary school, as children are finding it harder and harder to cope with the demands placed on them by the modern world. This sensory garden will hopefully provide a safe space for all children, a space for them to be mindful of their environment and become calm. Primary schools need to make life easier for children and building this garden will go a long way towards doing this.

All donations will be greatly received for this and a further donation will be made from Accounting Pro. So, if you are feeling generous and are looking for a good cause to support please do support this worthy cause!

If you would like to donate please click https://www.gofundme.com/sensory-garden-for-autism


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