Accounting Pro Ireland Discounted Healthcare service

Accounting Pro provides Healthcare to our PAYE Umbrella and Personal Limited company contractors at a discounted rate.

This means you can avail of a discounted rate which will be significantly cheaper than any quote you could achieve yourself.

You can avail of LAYA schemes such as:

Flex 375 schemes (Explore, Plus & Choice)

·        Flex 500 schemes (Explore, Plus & Choice)

·        Advantage 375 schemes (Explore, Plus & Choice)

·        Advantage 500 schemes (Explore, Plus & Choice)

·        Simply Connect

There are also other related offers:

Corporate Member Discounts:

·        35% corporate discount on our Laya multi trip travel insurance

·        discounts on teeth whitening and laser eye surgery

·        Laya Life insurance discounts

·        Care on call –

·        FREE Heart Screening every 2 years (exclusive to Laya healthcare members) – Heartbeat screening

·        Full cover for Orthopaedic and Ophthalmic procedures in private hospitals – we are currently the only health insurer in the market providing this cover

LAYA have also just launched a new claims app. They are the only provider on the market offering this service. Basically, you can take a picture of your receipt using your smartphone, send it to Laya using the app, within 48 hours they will process your claim and within 5 working days the refund will be sent to your bank account! There are no restrictions on when you can send your receipts during the year.

·        Claims app

LAYA advise that all new joiners will be covered immediately for all new conditions, and will not have to serve the 26 week waiting period.

Accounting Pro is Ireland’s premier contractor accounting service.  We are here to help you, the busy contractor and/or company, with all your accounting and payroll needs. We are both an umbrella company and umbrella corporation and we can create your limited company. We are on your side, always. To learn more about what we do please review  and contact us by email: or phone us 01 6933370. For the UK see Accounting-Pro UK. “Accounting Pro Ireland Discounted Healthcare service” is an article written by Accounting-Pro Ireland for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to share it but please give attribution on a CC BY-SA license.