The Advantages of working abroad for the Irish Contractor

For many Irish contractors contracting abroad may seem a daunting prospect – moving to a new country, dealing with accommodation issues, potentially a new currency and of course language and cultural issues. However, there are a lot of potential positives to working abroad that should be taken into consideration particularly when contracting in the UK.

As our Senior International Accounting advisor, Mike Green advises about the UK – there are quite a few advantages accepting a contract in the UK vis a vis Ireland:

1) You qualify for medical cover under the NHS.

2) Getting a UK national insurance number is very similar to obtaining the PPS card in Ireland.

3) Both setting up a limited company & closing is cheaper in the UK than Ireland.

4) Dividend income up to £46,000 is 7.5% & after that 32.5% up to £150,000.

5) Unlike Ireland the first £12,000 is tax free plus another £2k in dividends compared to only €1,650 in Ireland.

6) Corporation tax may be slightly higher, but personal tax brackets are far more attractive.

7) Both jurisdictions from a common law perspective are very similar which makes it very easy for

Irish contractors to set-up in the UK.

8) You do not need to register for VAT unless you are invoicing over £83,000.

So, it is worth considering going down the route of going contracting in the UK for the reasons. You can also add in a stronger currency (when you convert back to Euro) and better rates for many roles (especially around London). In our next article we will explore contracting on the continent and the advantage and disadvantages of accepting a contract there.

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