Contractor tip of the week – Use Boomerang!

Boomerang is a really handy tool that can be added to your email (g-mail or outlook). It can help you take control of when you send and receive your email. So, if you are considering sending an email to a customer or co-worker on Friday evening, you can schedule Boomerang, so that the email goes out at 9 A.M. on Monday morning and isn’t lost in their “noise” inbox  You can also choose when you want to receive emails, track emails using read receipts, or check emails that are important, but for which you haven’t received a response. Pretty nifty software! Accounting Pro is Ireland’s premium contractor accounting service. We are here to help you, the busy contractor, with all your accounting and payroll needs. We are on your side. To learn more about what we do please review email or phone 061 518 264.

About the author: Kevin Deasy