Contractors – What to include (and not to include!) on your CV/Linkedin Profile

Having worked as a contractor and been in a position to hire, I have learned a few tips over the years. It’s a competitive market out there, so it pays to ensure that you put your best foot forward.  First impressions remain extremely important.

So here are few tips to make sure your profile and CV are in the best shape possible to obtain the contract roles you want.

1. Ensure you have a professional LinkedIn profile picture.

A picture of you in a t-shirt with a view of the beach in the background may seem cool to you, but what has it got to do with your professional career? Linkedin is not Facebook, so use a picture that reflects a professional angle. If possible, have a few photos taken by a professional photographer in your best business suit, and load it up.

2. Clearly emphasize and point out contract roles in your Linkedin profile/CV

The algorithm that Linkedin uses, looks at keywords in the headline to identify the right profiles for roles. Therefore, in order to have the best possible visibility and contact for the roles viewed by hiring managers, make sure your headline includes your key skills.

Hiring managers also like to see continuity of employment and time in a role of over 1 year per role. As a contractor, this is often not possible, so your exception to this general rule needs to be articulated in your details (6-month contract etc., or a maternity cover contract for 9 months).

3. Avoid “catchy” lingo or terminology in your CV or Linkedin profile

Saying you were part of a “ROCKSTAR” development team, a “JEDI-level” coder, or someone who gets “CRAP” done may be cool terminology with your peers, but it’s doubtful it will impress a hiring manager sifting through CVs at 6 P.M. after a busy work day! Always use professional language.

Remember, you have made the effort to develop your CV and Linkedin profile. With only a few changes, you can compete more effectively against your peers.  That’s the position you want to be in to land the contract rolls you want!

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