Contractors and Interviews – The Inside Track

You’ve had an interview for a new contract role that you really want – the interview went really well – they loved your skills, you got on well with the interviewers and the job is exactly what you want to do. What’s the next step?

The first thing to do and it applies whether you the job or not is to follow up email to thank the interviewers for their time and to express that you enjoyed meeting them and discussing the role. Tell them what you thought was interesting about the role and compliment them on their organisation and what they do.

If after a few days you haven’t heard from them send another email and restate your interest in the job and ask when you should expect a response or a decision. If you do not receive a response don’t barrage them with emails – they will have your details and will get back to you. If they do respond but say they won’t make a decision for a while then ask them if you should regularly check in or if you should wait for them to make contact.

If you don’t get the job ultimately then do still contact the interviewers/hiring manager and again thank them for their time. There is nothing to lose by this and much to gain. Leaving it like this means that if another position comes up or if the other contractor they select doesn’t work out then they may contact you again with an offer.

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