Solar PV technology in Ireland – The basics

With the imminent growth of Solar energy in Ireland (including Solar farm projects) a brief overview of the technologies involved in this future energy sector will prove useful.  For example:

“What is a solar panel?”  A solar panel is a device constructed to capture the sun’s rays with the intention of generating electricity.

What is meant by the commonly used phrase “Solar PV?”  PV is short for photovoltaic – which is typically a bundled, connected set of 6 to 10 solar cells.  A solar array is a set of PV panels that generate the solar electricity used in both business and domestic activities.

What happens to the electricity produced on a solar farm?  The electricity produced via the solar PV array will be exported to the national grid by inverters, which convert the DC power output to an AC power output.

How are solar panels constructed on the land?  Is there any environmental impact? The panels on solar farms are ground mounted, usually no more than 2.5 metres in height with hedgerows that already exist within the boundaries of landowners.  Thus, the panels are not visible at ground level. Moreover, there are no noise issues with solar panels.

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