Contractors: Four Easy Ways To Save Money And Reduce Your Taxes

Here we give four easy ways to save money and reduce your taxes:

  1. Get Private Healthcare – Whether you use an limited company or an Umbrella, you can pay your healthcare bills through the company and reduce your taxes as a result. A tax saving of up to a 3rd of the cost on the premium applies. Accounting Pro will process this and even provide discounted healthcare options.
  2. Rent out a room – If you rent out a room to a lodger in your family home, you are entitled to “Rent a room tax relief.” That means you can earn a substantial amount of tax-free income every year.
  3. €500 tax free vouchers – You are entitled to a voucher to this amount whether you are using an Umbrella or an LTD. This is a great way to reduce your taxes, and Accounting pro will process this for you.
  4. Gym membership – If you like to work out, you can have your company pay your gym fee. Accounting Pro will help you arrange this payment via your company and you will receive a tax rebate of approximately 50%.

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