How to Improve Your Daily Rate as a Contractor

After a certain time contracting you will naturally want to seek a higher day rate. Approaching how to do this may seem daunting but there are tactics you can use to aid your cause. Here are some of the main ones to help you get over the line with a rate increase.

1. To increase your rate ensure you maximise your skill set and make sure you promote how much relevant work experience you have when negotiating.

2. To increase your rate a change of location may be required. The highest rates in Ireland are in Dublin. In the UK it is London.

3. Rates vary depending on the area you work in, some of the highest rates of pay are in the IT sector and the banking sector.

4. To increase your rate try and get more than 1 offer at a time and then negotiate from there. If 1 of them wants you more they will pay extra to get you.

5. You can ask your recruitment agent the commission they receive. If it is high they can pass on some of that rate thus increasing your rate in turn.

6. When looking for an increase always ask first for a rate higher than what you need and you will have to expect for the company to look for a better deal and therefore a compromise.

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