How Timesheets can be Streamlined with Technology

Being a contractor is a time-consuming vocation. A lot of the time you are taking new assignments every 6 or 12 months and may even need to travel to a new city or country for that assignment. So, anything that makes your life easier is a good thing when you are so busy.

Accounting Pro realises this and looks to provide solutions that make life easier for contractors and free up valuable time that can be better spent on more effective activities. 1 area where we have done this is timesheet submissions. Accounting Pro provides the option to upload contractor timesheets directly to our systems. This cuts down on emailing; manual excel timesheets etc. We do all this using software we designed and built ourselves and we listened to our contractor clients to ensure we created something that they want to use.

We do still allow contractors that want to send in their data manually as we still believe in choice and not all our clients want to move off the way the send their information so in that respect we listened and understood the needs of some of our contractors too who want to maintain sending their data in via email.

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