I’m not Earning Enough. How Accounting Pro can Help

Many of our contractor clients are on the lower end of the day rate scale. They are very interested in boosting their rates and we do everything we can to compliantly increase their net income through expense write offs, PRSAs etc. But the real questions they have is how do they boost their gross income (day rate)? And how can Accounting help and advise them with this? Well if we are asked the first thing we say is go and talk to your recruitment agent and explain you would like an increase. Being upfront is something the agent will appreciate and maybe they will be able to negotiate the rate up for you. You could also try talking to the hiring manager directly but this could backfire as the recruiter may feel you are cutting him/her out of the loop so we would not advise this as a general rule. You can of course look for a new role but sometimes changing roles can mean going from a job you like and where you feel wanted to a situation where the way you are treated is not as good so thread carefully with this. Above all if a contractor is looking for a pay rise we would ask them to keep a diary of all the good things they have done, successes they have had and reasons they feel they have had a positive impact on the company they work for. It’s all very well asking for a raise, but your request is always more compelling when you can justify why you should get the raise.

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