This is the Right Time to Contact Accounting Pro

According to recent reports, the Irish economy has reached an annual growth rate of 8.2% over the past year. So much so that the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) is warning that the economy is on the cusp of over-heating, which could lead to serious fiscal problems in the near future.

Moreover, the continuing unsound national debt has yet to be resolved and there is increasing pressure in Dublin to raise taxes in the coming year. Added to this unpredictable financial situation is the very real possibility of a “no deal” BREXIT from the EU in October.

Consequently, there are some dire predictions of a possible loss of up to 54,000 jobs in the Irish Republic and another 40,000 jobs in Northern Ireland. Such a combined loss of over 90,000 jobs would have a devastating impact on the Irish economy.
Hopefully, this worst-case scenario can be avoided or reduced to a less harmful level of decline. This is especially true in the case of small business owners, contractors and independent consultants who could bear the brunt of this serious situation.
Even in normal times, careful planning is an integral part of ensuring that your small business enterprise or contracting projects turn out maximum profit margins. You also need to be aware of how and when to invest while obtaining the most recent tax regulations and penalties.

We at Accounting Pro can help you navigate through these difficult and complex problems during this unstable economic climate. Our professional, highly experienced staff specializes in assisting small businesses in accounting, investment and taxation issues.
Stress, panic and a feeling that things are getting entirely out of control can cause you to make costly mistakes. But with Accounting Pro you will have someone to advise and assist you in these trying times. Just about now, it would be nice to know we’ve got your back.

Moreover, if your business is connected to the UK or Northern Ireland, our London office can provide you with the most relevant information. It’s foolish to think there will be no financial changes in these inter-connected venues. Yet no matter the outcome, Accounting Pro is ready.

The financial clock is ticking; however, you still have time to contact us. Our highly trained agents at Accounting Pro will move quickly and efficiently to help resolve any issues you may have regarding the current economic climate. In fact, we welcome the challenge.

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