How to maximise your net pay when contracting in Ireland

Once you agree your day rate with your company or agency the next step will be to decide the best structure to allow you to maximise your net pay. It is great to have secured your role but there isn’t much point in working hard in a contracting role if you don’t maximise your returns. As a contractor that really is the name of the game!

The first thing to consider is the accounting structure you use. You have 2 compliant choices – a PAYE Umbrella or a Personal Limited company DO NOT consider a Director Umbrella company –

When should you use a PAYE Umbrella company? If you:

Do not want to contract long term (less than a year)
Earn less than €300 per day
Do not want the hassle of setting up a LTD company
Do not want the hassle of having a LTD company
Have an existing PRSA in place

When should you use a Personal Limited company? If you:

If you want to contract long term (at least a year and preferably a few years)
Earn approximately €350 or more per day
Want to have your own LTD (which can be beneficial if you have a lot of expenses to write off)
If you want to employ and executive pension and reduce your tax bill significantly using it

Then the next step is to employ all the compliant means to reduce your tax bill which includes regular business expenses, relocation expenses (if applicable), business costs and pensions. Why not contact us to learn how to manage all of this and ensure you are getting the most from your contracting experience?

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