I have been contracting for a while now and have used various well known contractor accounting solutions services ( some would say the market leaders) during this time. Inevitably I have ran into issues with the quality of service i.e. these providers promise a broad range of services and a personal touch but ultimately try and box you into a one size fits all offering where you are ultimately just a ticket in a long queue and the interaction whilst meeting the base requirements adds no real value .

Accounting Pro was a breath of fresh air, with a genuine focus on delivering the best possible solution and service for the client each and every time. In my own experience Accounting Pro saved me money from day one – during my on boarding they noticed something that my previous accountant had missed! The real benefit to me is time- I only have to ask for something once and its completed- and if it is a more complicated query I do not have to chase as the team keep me updated .

When I call the team, I know that they’re interested in my business and its continued success- I have had some great advice and some valuable introductions via the CEO Kevin Deasy , he definitely has brought his experience as a contractor to bear on the whole client experience at Accounting Pro and that is what makes it work. It’s simple but Accounting Pro does exactly what it does on the tin at the most competitive process in the market. I have no hesitation in recommending Accounting Pro and their services.