What you need to do as an employer during the Corona Virus crisis

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus it has being a worrying time for everyone.

There are many reasons why everyone is feeling anxious at the moment. One reason is that people are worried about money as businesses had to close their doors for the time being, employee’s hours are being cut short etc., which leaves most people relying on the emergency payment due to the Corona Virus.

Fortunately, employees and employers can still earn money due to the Emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

As an employer, here’s what you need to do if you need to temporarily lay off team members to ensure that your employees receive this payment,

  • Print off this form from online here https://assets.gov.ie/71477/5df3b7f1f0fc454faefd8f906100ff99.pdf and hand them out to your employees or else send this link to their emails.
  • Once employees have this form filled out, the employer should collect these forms and post them in a batch to FREEPOST PO Box 12896, Dublin 1


The COVID-19 Unemployment Payment is for a period of six weeks only so please inform your employees that to ensure payment beyond the six weeks they must also apply for jobseekers support.

Here’s how to apply,


  1. A lot of members are wondering what to do for key team members who they would like to keep paying but don’t have any work for?

In an effort to relieve pressure on the social welfare system, the Government has asked employers, where possible, to continue to pay staff the jobseekers rate of €203. The Government is in the process of setting up a reimbursement fund so that these payments can be claimed back by the employer at a later date. We are awaiting further information on this, including HOW LONG the reimbursement will be available for – Limerick based TD Kieran O’Donnell is seeking clarification for the Limerick Chamber on this who will let us know then also, on this and will update you as soon as we know more.

  1. What about staff who you still need but whose hours have been reduced?

Workers whose hours have been reduced need to complete and return the following forms and return either by post or by email as a scanned PDF attachment – form UP1 and UP14STWS – STWS Employer Declaration to [yourtown] @welfare.ie as above.

Alternatively, if they are already set up on MYGOV/MYWELFARE these employees can also apply through the online portal at www.MyWelfare.ie

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