How to earn money as a self employer during the COVID-19 crisis

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus it has being a worrying time for everyone.

There are many reasons why everyone is feeling anxious at the moment. One reason is that people are worried about money as businesses had to close their doors for the time being, employee’s hours are being cut short etc., which leaves most people relying on the emergency payment due to the Corona Virus.

Want to know how to earn money during this crisis as a self employer? Then keep reading.

Many self employers are currently not earning money as a result of this crisis but thankfully self employers can access the emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. Here’s how,

Please be advised that this payment is for a period of six weeks only so it is advised to also apply for Jobseekers Benefit to ensure that you will get paid pass the six weeks.

Here’s how to apply for the Jobseeker’s Benefit,


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