There is so much advice on how to avoid contracting the disease but very little advice on what to do if you actually get it.

So, here is a list of things you should do in case you are one of the unfortunate people who fall victim to the virus (and it can happen to ANYONE)  ⃰

  1. Stock up on tissues, cough bottle for chest cough and paracetamol for the fever (not ibuprofen as this will aggravate the situation)
  2. Meal prep- have a batch of your favourite soup frozen into batches. Have a supply of tinned food/pasta etc. Anything that doesn’t spoil within a few days- you don’t want to be running to the shops when you’re meant to be self-isolating!
  3. If you suffer from asthma, make sure you have an inhaler that is in date and will last at least 2 weeks.
  4. Drink loads of water (or flat 7up like Mammy gave you when you little) and get plenty of rest.
  5. Do NOT leave your house or socialise with anyone! If family/friends want to bring you supplies, ask them to leave them outside your door.
  6. Use video calls etc. to keep in touch with people. Self-isolating is not something anyone is used to as human beings are sociable creatures so spending a lot of time on your own is bad for our mental health. Make sure you have someone to talk to/text at least once a day.

Most people bounce back from this virus within a few days. However, if you have underlying health problems and feel like you are getting progressively worse then you should call your GP or the HSE helpline (1850 24 1850) and they will advise you if you need to go to hospital.

⃰ Disclaimer: This article was not written by a healthcare professional and is only to be used as a guide. ALWAYS follow the advice of your GP.

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