During these strange times, many of us are having to avoid human contact by taking time off or work from home during this pandemic.

This leaves our usual work place unoccupied for weeks, even months. This can be the perfect opportunity for burglars or vandals to enter the premises as they know nobody is around to see them.

But there are ways to protect your premises (much like we are all protecting ourselves right now);

1) Remove all valuables from your premises (laptops, printers, cash etc.)

2) Make sure all doors and windows are secure.

3) Consider boarding up the windows during the time the premises is vacant.

4) Make sure any equipment that you can’t remove is unplugged to avoid electrical fires.

5) Check on the premises once a week- make sure the fire alarms and burglar alarms are fully

6) Look into your insurance policy to see if you are covered while the workplace is vacant.

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