If you’re looking for a personalised take-home pay projection? Accounting-Pro’s specialist contractor accountants will provide you with a broken down into easy-to-understand personalised income projection. Please fill out our contractor salary calculator form below and we will get back in touch shortly with a personalised pay projection.

Why don’t we have an instant online calculator like other sites? It’s because online instant pay estimates only estimate. An online salary calculator is imprecise and does not accurately represent your take-home pay as they tend to work on a assumptions instead of facts. Therefore, your estimation could be inaccurate and further down the line would likely change. We want to deliver personalised and accurate projections from the very beginning.

We are always on hand to offer support, so please do not hesitate to give our experts a call on +44 (0)20 7947 4396 if you would like an in-depth consultation or for any other reason

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