Accounting is a system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions. Ancient civilizations including the Mesopotamian, Babylonian, and Egyptian Empires, as well as the Greek city states, were all engaged in trade and organized systems of government, in which they utilized various methods of record keeping and accounting. By the time of the Emperor […]


WHY TEAMWORK WORKS AT ACCOUNTING PRO     Collaboration in the workplace is a necessary element of production in any modern business no matter what size or scope.  Moreover, today’s businesses place a high value on collaboration. The ability to work as a team with a diverse variety of co-workers is a definite advantage in building, sustaining, […]

UK Contractors – What are your Sick Pay entitlements?

For the UK contractors, there are plenty of challenges – securing your next contract, keeping your skills up to date and trying to ensure you manage all your taxation, accounting, and administrative duties. Another consideration is what to do about sickness and long-term sickness at that. First of all, let’s talk about statutory rights. As […]

Seven websites that help technical contractors learn programming skills for free

Many contractors enter IT from operations without a “formal IT qualification.” But ask Program managers or Technical Business Analysts if, when they entered their role through operations, they had an aptitude, rather than an official qualification in their field. Even those contractors with formal computer science skills often find they are cut out of formal […]

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Accounting Pro UK is delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance. Daniel Carter, Head of Finance Accounting Pro UK said on the announcement “We are delighted to complete this agreement with Kingsbridge. They are the premier service for Contractor Insurance in the UK and we are proud to have them as a […]