Umbrella companies can be more beneficial than being directly employed as you have more flexibility but also the employer will not have the cost of'Pay related social insurance (PRSI), meaning you have more power to negotiate a higher rate.

'Accounting Pro has 2 products to offer - a PAYE Umbrella service and a Limited company Umbrella service. We will work with you to decide the best option to meet your needs from the products we offer.

An Umbrella PAYE service works best for contractors and/or temps who are on a lower daily or hourly rates will only contract for a finite period i.e 1 to 2 years or who don't want the obligation or administrative burden of having a Limited company.

An Umbrella Limited company works best forĀ  contractors on a higher daily or hourly rates, intend being career contractors and don't mind the administrative or director governance obligations of running a limited company.'

If you just want an easy, hassle-free payment solution without having your own limited company our Umbrella service could be the best fit for you. You would become employed by the Umbrella company and your assignments would be through us. We will deal with all your payroll needs and make sure you are paid on time 'and all your tax - PAYE, PRSI and all tax obligations are settled with Revenue.

We have you covered